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cityscrapes and portraits of passion

​Represented by GALLERY HOUSe, Palo Alto, CA

Scrapes and Drapes

St. Marks Church, Palo Alto

Robin and Shannon Stearns are having their first mother/daughter show at St. Marks Church in Palo Alto. The show runs from Tuesday, March 7th through Tuesday, May 2nd, and the reception is on Saturday, March 18th, from 3 to 5 pm. We hope you will join us for a bit of wine, food, music, and of course, beautiful artwork! 

Exhibition:  March 7th through May 2nd, 2017
Artists' Reception:  Saturday, March 18th, 3 to 5 pm

“Scrapes and Drapes” celebrates the new year, a new era, and hopefully, a new love for these two emerging artists. Robin Stearns creates dark and contemplative cityscapes and portraits in oil, while Shannon Stearns creates feminist portraits in oil. 

Robin's vision focuses on beautiful people who face ”challenges,” but who ultimately persevere. Her cityscrapes capitalize on the same heroic instinct, in which the city itself is the protagonist. She deconstructs these landscapes, using rollers and knives and sponges, blending ugly into beauty, until they become a story about the light and the motion and the energy of the city. 

Shannon uses portraiture as a means to explore expectations of young women and their roles in society. For these paintings, she use images manipulated by various types of software to heighten a particular aspect while simultaneously introducing ambiguity to the identity of the figures. Shannon often poses her models in the trunk of her car in an attempt to capture the sitters reactions to discomfort and even perceived danger. 

St. Mark's Church

600 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

The public is invited.