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cityscrapes and portraits of passion

​Represented by GALLERY HOUSe, Palo Alto, CA

Medium Portraits:    
I use 16 x 20 Linen canvases for these medium-sized paintings. The portraits can include more detailed backgrounds, providing a context and adding a visceral element to the piece.


A commissioned portrait is a very special thing. In my work, I try to capture a moment in time… sometimes important, sometimes mundane. The emotion that comes through the painting is what exemplifies who the subject really is. It’s hard to place a value on this sort of intimate treasure, but pricing is based on size, complexity, number of subjects, and embellishment.

Large Portraits:   
I use 18 x 24 Linen canvases for large portraits. These portraits include a lot of detail, may be full body poses, may include  multiple subjects, or may include embellishing with crystals or beads.

Small Portraits:   
I use 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 Linen canvas for these commissions. They can be traditional "head and shoulders" poses, but I prefer more casual and fun expressions. These paintings focus on the face, most intimately the eyes, nose and mouth. The background is more implied.​