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cityscrapes and portraits of passion

‚ÄčRepresented by GALLERY HOUSe, Palo Alto, CA

Past, Present, & Future

Gallery House's 60th Anniversary

Gallery House
320 S. California Avenue (Enter through Printers Cafe)

Palo Alto, CA 94306
T   650 326 1668

Perspectives, by Robin Stearns

Welcome to Perspectives, an all new interactive way to experience fine art. It includes four original oil paintings and three High Fidelity 3D virtual worlds. You can see this installation at Gallery House, on a huge 55 inch touch screen monitor that allows you to interact, explore, and have an intimate experience with the artwork! It all starts with a painting of my studio that you can interact with. Touch each painting to see it up close, touch again to experience a whole new world! Guide your avatar around these 3D worlds by using your fingers. You may even meet other avatars in world. Enjoy!

Robin Stearns

Perspectives was featured in Commemorating Old and New, an article about Gallery House on Palo Alto Online.